Grand Prix CSIO5 * Sopot 2016 for Patrick Stühlmeyer from Germany

Patrick Stühlmeyer from Germany riding a 13-year-old Lacan won Grand Prix CSIO5 * Sopot 2016. Only this couple defeated two rounds without penalty point. It just shows the very high level of competition Sopot. The game went on for a big prize. The total prize money in GP was 665 000…


Prize of the President of Sopot went to Italy

The prize of the President of Sopot and Programu 3 Polskiego Radia cup won Bruno Chimirri riding 9-year-old stallion ower Mouche. Second was Ramzy Al Duhami (KSA) on Deejay , third Shane Breen (IRL) at Golden Hawk.


The most “trendy” competition won Darragh Kenny from Ireland

Medium Tour sponsored by TALLINDER won Darragh Kenny from Ireland at Catuso. Second was German rider Holger Wulschner riding BSC Cavity, on third place was Cassio Rivetti from Ukraine na Beau Limit.


Saturday’s Big Tour for Belgian

Just finished the Big Tour for the prize of LONGINES POLAND. The first two places went to representatives of the Belgium Nicola Philippaerts and Karel Cox. Third was Cassio Rivetti from the Ukrainian team. It was a very difficult competition, because only 16 riders managed to get to the final…

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